COVID-19 Data Map

During the height of the pandemic, all 50 states were providing COVID-19 statistics from their correctional facilities. Georgia, Florida and New Hampshire are no longer making this data available on their department of corrections' websites. The PEW Trust has recently reported that some states are less forthcoming with this information: Some States Are Cloaking Prison COVID Data

The map below allows you to click through to department of corrections publishing COVID-19 statistics. States in blue indicate that statistics are available. States in pink indicate that that data is unavailable. Red circles indicate local jurisdictions reporting COVID-19 data. Tan colored marker or region indicates additional sources. For Massachusetts and New York City, both official and additional statistics are available.

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Marshall Project: A State-by-State Look at Coronavirus in Prisons

The Marshall Project is providing tracking of how many people are being sickened and killed by COVID-19 in prisons and how widely it has spread across the country and within each state. The figures on this site are regularly updated and count the number of people infected and killed nationwide and in each prison system.

UCLA Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project

In March 2020, in the face of the increasing danger posed by Covid-19 to people held in jails and prisons, the UCLA Prison Law and Policy Program launched the UCLA Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project. The Project tracks Covid-19 conditions in jails and prisons and the efforts — both in and out of court — to decrease jail and prison populations and improve conditions to ensure the safety of residents and staff.

Bureau of Prisons: Inmate COVID-19 testing in federal correctional institutions

The Bureau of Prisons is tracking cases of COVID-19 at all of its facilities. This site provides a map showing outbreaks at each facility and a table of the same data.

NCCHC Study of COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities

The National Commission on Correctional Healthare devoted a page on its website that provided weekly updates of COVID-19 cases in correctional facilites from April 2020 - June 2020.