Correctional COVID-19 Statistics in Corrections

In many states, departments overseeing correctional facilites and some health departments are providing through their websites COVID-19 statistics in corrections. The map below allows you to click through to those sites. The states in blue indicate where such statistics are available. Gray states indicate where the data are currently unavailable. However, a link to gray states' websites is enabled in case those data do become available. Red circles indicate local jurisdictions reporting COVID-19 data. One state, Massachusetts, and one local jurisdiction, New York City, are diplayed in tan indicating the cases reported are coming from unofficial sources.

A note about the data, the presentation of the statistics varies greatly from state to state. This data can be in the format of detailed tables, links to PDFs, or a simple posting of confirmed cases.

COVID-19 Behind Bars: Map of News Stories of COVID-19 Outbreaks Within Correctional Facilities

COVID-19 Behind Bars is an independent journalism project tracking jails, prisons, detention centers, and other facilities of incarceration impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. This site has a world map with markers that link to news stories of COVID-19 reports in specific correctional institutions.

Bureau of Prisons: Inmate COVID-19 testing in federal correctional institutions

The Bureau of Prisons is tracking cases of COVID-19 at all of its facilities. This site provides a map showing outbreaks at each facility and a table of the same data.

NCCHC Study of COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities

The National Commission on Correctional Healthare has devoted a page on its website providing weekly updates of COVID-19 cases in correctional facilites. The various PDFs available on that page contain statistics about COVID-19 from a state and regional perspective and is in various formats: graphs, tables, and maps.