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The National Association of Counties(NACo):
Medicaid Coverage and County Jails

In order to educate federal policymakers on issues around Medicaid and justice-involved individuals, NACo recently released a new report titled, Medicaid Coverage and County Jails: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Health Outcomes for Justice-Involved Individuals. In this document, NACo’s Associate Legislative Director for Health, Brian Bowden, explains why Congress should pass legislation to ease and/ or undo the federal Medicaid inmate exclusion and require states to suspend, instead of terminate, Medicaid coverage for justice involved individuals. Further, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) should exercise their existing authority to provide additional state flexibility in the Medicaid program to cover justice-involved individuals. Read more...

NACo Sponsored Working Group NACo Sponsored Working Group on Pending Disposition: Session 1 - January 18-19, 2012

NACo Sponsored Working Group on Medicaid Expansion: Feb 23, 2012

Recording of Working Group

Steven Rosenberg, President COCHS

NACo Sponsored Working Group on Jail Assembly Line: Feb 24, 2012

Recording of Working Group

Featured Speaker
Dr. Keith Barton, Medical Director of COCHS

Transcript of Dr. Barton's Presentation
Health Intake, Assessment, and Routine Care Processes in County Jails

Flow Charts
Intake Process
Sick Call
Discharge Planning

Dr. Keith Barton, Medical Director of COCHS
Michael Dubose, CEO of COCHS
Edward Harrison, CCHP, President of National Commission on Correctional Health Care