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Medicaid For Justice Involved

The National Association of Counties(NACo):
Medicaid Coverage and County Jails

In order to educate federal policymakers on issues around Medicaid and justice-involved individuals, NACo recently released a new report titled, Medicaid Coverage and County Jails: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Health Outcomes for Justice-Involved Individuals. In this document, NACo’s Associate Legislative Director for Health, Brian Bowden, explains why Congress should pass legislation to ease and/ or undo the federal Medicaid inmate exclusion and require states to suspend, instead of terminate, Medicaid coverage for justice involved individuals. Further, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) should exercise their existing authority to provide additional state flexibility in the Medicaid program to cover justice-involved individuals. Read more...

Medicaid-funded Paraprofessional Services for Criminal Justice Populations

One of the ACA’s goals is the improvement of population health, including the elimination of health disparities. This goal cannot be achieved without addressing the needs of justice-involved individuals, a population with major health disparities and other challenges that impact health. Through Medicaid expansion, the ACA has created an opportunity for many justice-involved individuals to gain health insurance for the first time. Peer support providers could play an important role in bringing justice-involved individuals into the health care system, delivering culturally competent services, and drawing on shared experiences to help clients overcome their often interrelated barriers to health and community re-entry.

Medicaid Coverage for Jail Inmate's Inpatient Hospitalization

In Sheriff Magazine, Steve Rosenberg, president of COCHS discusses the Department of Health and Human Services' guidance letter of 1997 that outlines the circumstances under which Medicaid could pay for health insurance when an inmate becomes a patient in a medical institution. The ACA's Medicaid expansion means that a significant number of inmates are likely to be eligible. Read more...

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Justice-Involved Populations

This FAQ details how the Affordable Care ACT (ACA) impacts justice-involved populations. In addition, it presents statistics that explain the demographics and health concerns of this population. Read more...

The Criminal Justice System and Medicaid:
Collaboration or Collision Post Health Reform?

Question and Answer Session, Part 1

Question and Answer Session, Part 2

Steve Somers, President and CEO, Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

Allison Hamblin, Director, Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

David Mancuso, Senior Research Manager,
Department of Social and Health Services

Joan Erney, Chief Business Development and Public Policy Officer, Community Care

Westley Clark, Director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, SAMHSA