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Medicaid Administrative Claiming

Medicaid Claiming and Public Safety Agencies
While Medicaid pays for traditional services like doctors’ appointments and hospital stays, it also covers other types of services. On average, 96 percent of Medicaid expenditures cover traditional direct services; the other 4 percent, however, cover non-service functions, including funding matches to states and localities for administrative expenses related to Medicaid. Those administrative expenses typically are used to fund social services, mental health, and public health programs through a program called Medicaid Administrative Claiming(MAC).Few public safety entities participate in MAC, even though they are eligible.

The Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) Program
The nuts and bolts of MAC:
What is MAC?
What does MAC cover?
Who can claim MAC?
What is targeted case management(TCM)?

Prepared by COCHS Staff

Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Targeted Case Management: Opportunities for Public Safety
This webinar defines roles that criminal justice professionals play in Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) and Targeted Case Management (TCM); defines service needs of justice involved individuals; highlight community corrections and criminal justice agency examples of resource utilization; explains strategies for meeting increased demand for healthcare services under the Affordable Care Act; and differentiates between MAC and TCM. The webinar aims to: demonstrate that MAC and TCM are excellent fits with day to day activities that Probation Officers and Parole Agents provide; and walks through the process to assist interested individuals in getting MAC/TCM up and running in their locales. SOURCE: National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC). Authored by Rosenberg, Steven; Jenkins, Mack; Mellgren, Linda; Crawford, Greg.

Medicaid Administrative Claiming FAQs For District Attorneys
The Medicaid Administrative Claiming Program (MAC) reimburses county agencies and public entities for linking, educating, and planning activities related to health care services specifically covered by Medicaid. Many of a district attorney’s activities are reimbursable through MAC. By participating in MAC, district attorneys can save money and help connect people with health insurance and services.

Prepared by COCHS Staff