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Steven Rosenberg

Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Targeted Case Management: Opportunities for Public Safety
This webinar defines roles that criminal justice professionals play in Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) and Targeted Case Management (TCM); defines service needs of justice involved individuals; highlight community corrections and criminal justice agency examples of resource utilization; explains strategies for meeting increased demand for healthcare services under the Affordable Care Act; and differentiates between MAC and TCM. The webinar aims to: demonstrate that MAC and TCM are excellent fits with day to day activities that Probation Officers and Parole Agents provide; and walks through the process to assist interested individuals in getting MAC/TCM up and running in their locales. SOURCE: National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC). Authored by Rosenberg, Steven; Jenkins, Mack; Mellgren, Linda; Crawford, Greg.

Keynote Speech:
The Present and Future of Correctional Health and Mental Health Care

On December 9, 2014, at the NYS Correctional Medical and Behavioral Healthcare Workshop, Steven Rosenberg gave the keynote speech. In this speech, he described the future of correctional health care and the way managed care principals will change the relationship between health care in the community and health care in corrections. Read more...

This speech was reprinted in the Correctional Mental Health Report. To access that version, click here...

United States Senate Briefing

Health Care Behind Bars: A Key to Population Health?

Panel 1: Former Inmates

Panel 1: Slides

Panel 2: Corrections Officials

At the invitation of Senator Jay Rockefeller, Senator Roy Blunt and The Alliance for Health Reform, Steven Rosenberg, the President of COCHS, spoke on two panels at the United States Senate. In the first panel, he gave an overview of the health care needs of people cycling through the criminal justice system, and in the second panel, he explained how health care policy impacts the lives of these justice involved individuals.

State Profiles of Health Care Information for the Criminal Justice System

A map of the United States that allows the user to explore how each state has implemented health information technologyd for the criminal justice population. This project was developed by the Legal Action Center through a grant by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.Go to the Legal Action Center...

Vera Research Speaker Series: The implications of the Affordable Care Act for the Criminal Justice System

Steven Rosenberg, the president of COCHS, explains how the Affordable Care Act provides health coverage to millions of previously uninsured Americans, many of whom will be justice-involved. By harnessing the opportunities presented by the ACA, jurisdictions can possibly improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and potentially reduce recidivism. View webcast...