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Exploring Health Reform and Criminal Justice:
Rethinking the Connection between Jails and Community Health,
Issue Papers

The Intersection of Public Health and Public Safety in U.S. Jails: Implications and Opportunities of Federal Health Care Reform

This paper discusses the implications and opportunities of health care reform for jails from a public health perspective.

Bonita Veysey of the School of Criminal Justice,
Rutgers -The State University of New Jersey

Eligibility of Pre-trial Detainees Under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The potential impact of the ACA on the segment of the expanded population that intersects with the criminal justice system.

Patricia Blair, Robert Greifinger, T. Howard Stone and Sarah Somers for the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section

Medicaid and Criminal Justice: The Need for Cross-System
Collaboration Post Health Care Reform

The role of state Medicaid agencies in stimulating the market for treatment services and assuring appropriate conditions of participation

Allison Hamblin, Stephen A. Somers, Sheree Neese-Todd and Roopa Mahadevan of the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

Realizing the Potential of National Health Care Reform to Reduce Criminal Justice Expenditures and Recidivism Among Jail Populations

A field-based analysis of the issues involved in system change

Maureen McDonnell, Laura Brookes, Arthur Lurigio, Daphne Baille and colleagues of The Center for Health and Justice at TASC-IL