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Health Reform and Criminal Justice:
Integrating Jails into Health Information Exchanges,
Issue Papers

Implementation of an Electronic Health Record in the New York City Jail System

This paper details the implementation of an electronic health record system on Rikers Island.

Richard Stazesky, Jennifer Hughes, and Homer Venters, MD, of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

The Challenges of Bringing Health Connectivity to Jails via Health Information Technology: Three Case Studies

A paper prepared by COCHS staff offers three case studies of efforts to bring health information technology into jails, shedding light on the challenges to creating connectivity via health information technology.

COCHS staff

Health Information Privacy in The Correctional Environment

This paper examines privacy and consent issues related to health information-sharing in correctional settings.

Melissa M. Goldstein, JD
Associate Professor
Department of Health Policy
School of Public Health and Health Services
George Washington University

Opportunities for Information-Sharing Between Criminal Justice
and Community Substance Abuse Treatment Systems

This paper outlines the many opportunities for criminal justice and community substance abuse treatment systems to share information, showing how data collected at various points along the criminal justice continuum could be shared to benefit different stakeholders.

Jason Matejkowski, PhD, Ashley Harron, and David S. Festinger, PhD, of the Treatment Research Institute

Health Outcomes in Corrections: Health Information Technology and the Correctional Health Outcome and Resource Data Set (CHORDS)

This paper describes an emerging set of national performance measures for assessing health care provided in correctional settings that they believe will help correctional facilities transition to health information technology adoption and implementation.

Mackenzie M. Bisset, MSPH, and Edward A. Harrison, MBA, CCHP, of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Getting Criminal Justice and Health Information Exchange Off the Ground: The Role of Counties

This paper illuminates the role of counties in getting justice-involved health information exchanges off the ground, with a case study of the Salt Lake County, Utah, experience.

Maeghan Gilmore, MPH, of the National Association of Counties

Speaking the Same Language: Criminal Justice, Health Care, and Information Technology

This handbook contains definitions of terms that cross the domains of criminal justice, health care, and information technology.

COCHS' Staff

Health IT In Jails

Healthcare within correctional environments is not a topic that is well understood. What is even less well understood is the role of health information technology (health IT) in these environments. But across the United States, increasing numbers of local and county jails are exploring health information technology (HIT) solutions that can help them achieve more efficient and better coordinated care, significant health care cost savings, and improvements in both public health and public safety. In particular, they are implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems to replace their old paper-based record systems and are studying ways to create connectivity with community providers through options such as health information exchanges (HIEs).

Below are issue papers and articles written by COCHS staff and our partners. If you feel lost with all the acronyms that occur in any IT discussion, please consult Speaking the Same Language: Criminal Justice, Health Care, and Information Technology.